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She is more modern than tomorrow

First of all I would like to thank all of you for the encouragement and positive thoughts! I've been wanting to update for a while now but it seems that there is never enough time! The program is fantastic. The teachers, I don't know what to say, I couldn't have dreamed up more amazing people. It is such an inspiring environment to be in; work ethic and discipline are at a professional level and at the same time there is a very nurturing attitude. They are very supportive of the creative process and making mistakes as many times as you need to before getting something right. It’s a lovely balance between discipline and creativity. It's exhausting and the days can run a little long and I have lots of homework every night but I am just so happy to be working with these people. The other morning we got to attend the company breakfast from the Playhouse’s new show Memphis (directed by the director of Xanadu (we've nicknamed him “Xana-don't”)) and we were able to sit in on the first rehearsal. It was fascinating to watch. We start everyday with an hour of yoga and then we have a class that runs before and after lunch and then another class in the afternoon. The other students are nice, I guess, we haven’t had much time to talk because we have been kept so busy. We’re getting closer though now that we’re going into our third week, which is nice.

Thursday night I spent the night at Jenn’s with Tina and Charlotte and I felt so guilty because it was like having a sleepover on a school night for me and I’d never done that before. Charlotte and stayed up until quarter of 5 and I had to get up at 7 so Friday I was a little loopy. It was an amazing day though because we had master class and I got to watch the other students (I’m signed up for this Friday’s class) work. How master class works is the conservatory is split into 2 groups and each group gets teaching artists. Then the student who is signed up performs their monologue and then the teachers go into another room and discuss how best to work with that student. Then they come back and work on that piece and let me tell you it is intense. I’m freaked out about mine but, truthfully, they are so supportive and honest that I’m more excited than worried. Sometimes they have guest artists come in and be a part of the master class. I have a friend whose older brother was in the program a few years ago and he got to work with Des McAnuff for his master class. I made it through most of Friday okay until at the end of the day a speech pathologist came in to talk to us and I almost feel asleep because she talked very very softly and I was exhausted. I came home and slept from 6pm to 9:30am!

I got my AP Exam results this week. I got a 5 in English (!!!) and a 4 in AP US which I am very happy about. The 5 because well, obviously, and the 4 because I only read 6 chapters of out entire bazillion chaptered AP book. I definitely didn’t deserve a 4. haha.

It’s way past my bed time and I haven’t showered yet so I am going to go do so. Night!
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